Prices Starting From £15 per Hour

We offer Insurance to cover goods and items up to £50 000.

Transporting any goods always involves some level of risk for the owner of these items. Unforeseen events like car accidents or criminal activities such as hijackings and theft cannot always be prevented when goods are moved from one location to another.

At All Round Removals we try to prevent damage and loss caused by these events by using only trained, experienced drivers and doing verifiable background checks on all our staff to ensure that they provide honest and professional services to our clients.

We offer insurance to our customers in order to assure them that our services can be trusted and their goods are covered.

Our insurance package covers up to £50,000 worth of assets.

We use this as security against any risk or unforeseen contingency, and will be able to refund up to stated surety.

Our Moving Insurance Process:
If you decide that you would like to use our moving insurance service, please contact us by calling 07792695117 or 0207 2340394 or filling in our online contact form.
You can then provide us with a list of the goods to be transported and their monetary worth.

We will confirm the goods and their worth, and arrange for you to authenticate the necessary documentation.
Your goods will then be insured during the move.